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How long will your flags last? 
They will usually last about 1 year. If in a very windy area could only last six months.
Our flags have heavy binding, rolled rim and spurred grometts to add life to the flags.

What areas do you go to?
West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, New York. Will go to other states for a
nice big job.

 How long to get my flags?
Most of the time I can have them done very fast. Even the biggest orders just take a week.

 What makes your flags better than any other?
 Flags have always been improved, we have stronger binding, tough grommets, stronger thread and 
better sewing. I am the person that designs the whole flag. It is made my way, I am the guy that comes to your car lot and puts them up. I listen to people's comments. Always finding a way to improve the product.
We have lots of unique slogans and can may any slogan quick!

Would you change a couple light bulbs for me?
NO, NO, Please do not ask. Light poles often have more problems than just a bad bulb. If I put in your
bulb, lots of times it still does not work. I am not an electrician and just do not want to mess with corroded
light fixtures, bad ballast and light bulbs that wont come out and the glass breaks when you try, I do not
care to clean all the bugs off the glass either. I do not carry all the different types of tools to take it apart.  

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